umpf - Universal Mail Processing Filter

Tired of weird syntax of procmail config files? Do not worry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, umpf tries to do better :-)


This is yet another program that crunches your e-mail, peeks at the config file and decides how to cope with it. Right now it can process only local e-mail, but also IMAP support is planned. As for the configuration possibilities, just take a look at the example:
$hello = "[hello world]";                 # set the variable $hello
$Subject = $hello . $Subject;             # change the subject
-> filter "/usr/bin/my_spamchecker"       # check for spam
if ($X-Is-Spam) { 
        -> discard;                       # we are not interested 
} else {
        copy -> mail "";     # mail a copy to my alter ego
        -> "hello";                       # and deliver the e-mail to hello folder 
More formal documentation of the syntax can be found in the manpage.

Current Status

Local delivery should work.

Assorted TODO Notes



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